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How the Tampa Bay Lightning Store Morphs Into a Romney-Ryan Campaign Stop

For now, the official store of the Tampa Bay Lightning is the official store of the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan campaign. Monday afternoon, as delegates clamored to get in, the store was officially changing over. Out with the Lightning, in with the GOP:

The store wouldn't officially open until later that afternoon, but workers were hurrying to prepare for the deluge. Mind you, it's not necessarily that the items will go on "sale"; store organizers said that the merchandise would be exchanged for a "contribution." Available after a "contribution": iPhone cases, bumper stickers, t-shirts and more. What delegates seemed particularly interested in, however, was merchandise playing off of President Obama's off-script "you didn't build that" moment.

And, of course, the Romney-Ryan campaign will be pushing womens' support of the Republican Party. Alongside shimmering GOP logo t-shirts, they had "Moms Drive the Economy" and "I'm a Mom For Mitt" stickers.

And, of course, what would be more appropriate for one of the largest gatherings of political operatives - seemingly all constantly glued to their smartphones - than an official Romney campaign iPhone cover?

Convention-goers would start to flow in through the doors at 3pm - a late start for day one of the convention. But judging from the interest of passers-by, the store will be quite busy.

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