Tea Parties and Their Lefty Infiltrators

Posted: Apr 19, 2010 7:23 AM
TH's friend Allahpundit over at Hot Air flags a few videos in which conservatives at tea parties try to root out lefty invaders to varying degrees of success. You can decide for yourself if the self-proclaimed racist in this particular video is likely to be a left-wing plant.

Now ThinkProgress blogger Faiz Shakir notes that "[t]here is no evidence on the tape to suggest the racist man was a 'Dem shill'" before remarking

It’s one thing for conservative tea party activists to courageously confront their own racist sympathizers. That is to be respected. But it’s quite another for them to baselessly and shamefully smear “leftists” for being Nazi racist infiltrators.

I'm not sure what the weirdo racist in the video is. But the tea parties are having noted problems with loony-bin leftists trying to infiltrate and portray tea partiers to be more extreme than they are. So I've got a proposal: the Left should keep tabs on their own people by shaming and denouncing their own crazies like Jason Levin rather than flying off the handle at conservatives trying to police themselves. In return, conservatives can continue to courageously police themselves. Spend more time on your crazies and we'll spend more time on ours. Do we have a deal, lefties?