Oh Please God No: On Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court

Posted: Apr 12, 2010 9:28 AM
The Associated Press reports that there are rumblings around Capitol Hill about Hillary Clinton getting a Supreme Court nod.
Sen. Orrin Hatch says he's heard Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's name mentioned in connection with the Supreme Court vacancy brought about by the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens.

This came up following Sen. Hatch's interview on NBC's "Today" show in which he mentioned this exact topic.

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Democrats and liberal progressives generally have been crossing their fingers that they'll get a nominee for the Supreme Court from the political sector instead of a federal judge or somesuch person more well-versed in the legal tradition.

The progressive Left is pining for a Justice who doesn't actually follow the law or the Constitution and will rule in whatever "progressive" manner they see fit.

As Conservatives we have to be honest with ourselves with what will happen. President Obama is not going to appoint another Scalia. He won the '08 election and gets to appoint who he pleases. As the opposition party, Republicans' job is to well and truly and thoroughly vet Obama's nominee to ensure that they have at least some nominal fidelity to Constitutional law, some discernable and consistent judicial philosophy, and hope that Obama makes a Stevens-like mistake and nominates someone who will drift Rightward over their years on the Court.