CBO Score Out: More Medicare Cuts to Pay for Obamacare

Posted: Mar 18, 2010 12:41 PM
The new CBO score is out on the new Obamacare bill. It's structurally largely the same bill: some of the major changes include increased subsidies, a delay in the excise tax and deeper Medicare cuts. There are other provisions, such as the hyped student loan program, that are also stuffed in there.

Most of the additional spending or lost revenue is financed through those aforementioned medicare cuts (approx. 13.7 billion over the first ten years). The CBO reports that the package as a whole will reduce the deficit by an additional $20 billion over the already-passed Senate package.

We're still waiting for the rest of the language to be released. The package is good news for the Dems; they get to hide behind an increased deficit reduction score while the package comes in under $1 trillion.

A House vote on the plan is expected on Sunday. One of the major sticking points, abortion language, is not thought to be addressed.

Hat tips: Phil Klein and FDL.