Tragedy Occurs. Media Rush to Blame Right-Wing.

Posted: Mar 05, 2010 12:06 PM
As friend of TH Allahpundit commented on Twitter, it begins:

John Patrick Bedell, whom authorities identified as the gunman in the Pentagon shooting on Thursday, appears to have been a right-wing extremist with virulent antigovernment feelings.

If so, that would make the Pentagon shooting the second violent extremist attack on a federal building within the past month.

Many in the media have been quick to jump on homegrown attacks on federal buildings as evidence of "right-wing extremism," insinuating that anxiety and anger on the Right has led to these violent attacks. Apparently, anger at the prohibition of marijuana, conspiracy theories about the U.S. military's secret drug operation and quoting Marx are all symptoms of being a right-winger in the United States these days.

The media needs to be responsible in its reporting of these tragedies. And they need to own up to dishonest allegations about an entire political movement's culpability.

UPDATE via Michelle Malkin: Apparently another key indicator that you're a right-wing domestic terrorist is registering with the Democratic party.

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