Obama's Lobbying Not Enough For Olympics

Posted: Oct 02, 2009 11:28 AM
Barack Obama's flight to Copenhagen and subsequent lobbying effort was not enough to bring the games to the United States. Chicago's Olympic bid was eliminated in the first round of voting.

It was an unprecedented measure for a sitting President to go and lobby in-person for his hometown to win their Olympic bid. Many said that it was a gamble while others whispered that Obama wouldn't have gone if he didn't know it was in the bag. Clearly, it was more of a gamble than even Obama's handlers thought.

I don't think conservatives should be celebrating the U.S. losing out on the Olympic games. The Olympics is always a chance to put our national pride on display. However, this might be an instructive lesson on how Obama views the world and possibly the miscalculations of his political team.

Obama looks bad. Anyone disagreeing is being disingenuous. But conservatives should temper their excitement. Is losing the Olympics enough to really go nuts over an Obama loss?

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