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Five Principles

Newt Gingrich and Jackie Gingrich Cushman have recently written 5 Principles for a Successful Life: From Our Family to Yours. The book details how, once you get the hang of it, life can be simple and good.


With congributions from Tucker Carlson, Greta Van Susteren, Col. Oliver North and others, the book provides inspiring words that we can treasure and learn from.

This great new book can be had for free with a subscription to Townhall Magazine. You can also check out a video featuring rave reviews from its contributors here!

For more information, Jackie Gingrich Cushman details the book for

Every family has traditions and values.  Some are passed down deliberately – going to Granny’s house on Christmas Eve, church on Sunday and holding doors open for other people.  Other values and principles are passed along by example – picking up trash from the ground, patience and hard work. 

Today, with the world facing economic and environmental challenges, it is important for us to not only set an example, but to clearly articulate a path to success.

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