Sturgill Campaign Rolls Out Border Security Legislation

Posted: Jul 11, 2018 12:00 PM

On Wednesday the Scott Sturgill campaign in Florida’s 7th district rolled out a piece of border security legislation, which would be Sturgill’s first introduced legislation should he win the seat. 

“We’ve got to stop mortgaging our grandchildren’s future to the Chinese. My plan actually pays for the wall without adding to our $21 Trillion national debt,” said Sturgill. 

“The businessman’s “Mix-the-Mortar-to-Fix-the-Border Plan” would be officially titled ‘The American Sovereignty Restoration Act’ as Sturgill’s first piece of legislation should he defeat Stephanie Murphy for the FL-07 seat in the November general election,” according to the press release.  The plan would require every illegal immigrant that crossed the border illegally as an adult to pay $2,000, which would go towards funding a border wall. 

Other features of the plan include, requiring immigrants to report to an ICE satellite office to: “…be vetted for additional crime violations and possible deportation.”  Additionally, all illegals must report to an ICE office “…within 90 days” of law being signed or “…any unregistered alien encountered will be immediately arrested and deported without a hearing.”

“Seemingly every Republican candidate is now making calls to build the wall, but almost none of them have a real plan to get it done without adding more debt to our tab with China. No candidates should be taken seriously if they claim to be conservative but don’t bother figuring out how to actually pay for their proposals,” this rationale is the basis for the proposal of the legislation.

The benefits of the bill are numerous including full border security, with zero cost to the American taxpayer. 

“When I start any project in my business, I need to make sure there’s a way to pay for it. The wall is no different,” said Sturgill.

Sturgill’s opponent for Murphy’s congressional seat, Mike Miller, has released a microsite, as reported by the Orlando Political Observer (OPO). “The website is a collection of videos spotlighting Miller’s opponent, Scott Sturgill, in his own words: from his 2014 attempt to hide his record of being a Democrat, by falsely claiming he was a “lifelong Republican,” the campaign told OPO

“Mr. Sturgill’s announcement comes weeks after longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone endorsed his candidacy and days after he received the endorsement of Florida Right to Life,” reported Jacob Engels of the Central Florida Post (CFP). 

In past campaign ads Sturgill has hinted at making illegals foot the bill for the wall. 

“The Democrats want to abolish ICE- I want to double it,” says Sturgill.

According to the press release, this legislation would permanently block illegals from seeking amnesty or a path to citizenship.