Scarborough Questions Pence's Faith

Posted: Jun 28, 2018 10:30 AM
Scarborough Questions Pence's Faith

Joe Scarborough has accused Vice President Mike Pence of hypocrisy on debate of protecting life, over the issue of separating children and parents at the border. 

“Mike Pence says he’s a Christian first. That’s fantastic. I’m sure he is. I do wonder if he has Jefferson’s Bible?If he’s cut out Matthew 25?If he’s cut out the part where Jesus actually is asked by disciples who is going to be able to sit on your right hand and who is going to be cast away?” said Scarborough during a Tuesday morning discussion on Morning Joe, as reported by LifeNews. 

Scarborough goes on to describe how Jesus “goes through the list” of who will be cast away and who won’t. He explains how “anyone that does this for the least among us, they will be with the sheep, anyone that doesn’t…will be with the goats. It’s straightforward. It’s the red letters in the New Testament…” says Scarborough.  

He explained how he frequented Baptist churches multiple times a week when he was growing up. “It didn’t take, but I remember a lot of Bible verses,” said Scarborough.  He argues that Jesus puts forth that “helping the least among us” is a requirement for getting into heaven. 

“It is one of the few time in the New Testament where Jesus doesn’t say we are saved by grace and we are saved by faith which we are. It is one of the few times though, where Jesus says this is what you have to do to get to heaven, and if you don’t do it, you won’t get to heaven,” says Scarborough.

“The extraordinary and astounding hypocrisy of it to see the constancy of the assertion of Christian virtue by political leaders in this country who have established internment camps for babies and toddlers,” weighed in former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt. 

Schmidt asserted that the only difference between the U.S. and Venezuela and Cuba, is that the U.S. has internment camps for babies and toddlers. 

This is not unlike a similar accusation Lena Dunham made against the pro-life movement last week.