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The Members of a New DHS 'Intelligence Group' Should Set Off Alarm Bells

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced a new Homeland Security Intelligence Experts Group Tuesday and its 17 members. 

"Experts Group to provide advice and perspectives on intelligence and national security efforts to the Office of Intelligence and Analysis and the Office of Counterterrorism Coordinator to support DHS’ vital work to protect our country," DHS released in a statement. 


Mayorkas claims the Experts Group will work to address "complex" problems and "threats" facing the country. 

“The security of the American people depends on our capacity to collect, generate, and disseminate actionable intelligence to our federal, state, local, territorial, tribal, campus, and private sector partners,” Mayorkas released in a statement. 

Given the weaponization of government by the Biden administration against domestic political opponents, the language being used and the scope of the group's work is highly alarming. 

“The Homeland Intelligence Experts Group is being formed at a time of unprecedented challenge, with the U.S. intelligence enterprise facing threats from a range of malign actors, to include foreign nation-state adversaries, domestic violent extremists, cyber criminals, drug-trafficking cartels and other transnational criminal organizations,” Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Ken Wainstein added. “The Experts Group will be an invaluable asset as we navigate through this evolving threat and operating environment and continue to strengthen our efforts to protect the Homeland.”

Two of the members are former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan. Clapper and Brennan were both key individuals who pushed the false Russia narrative during the Trump administration, claiming the 2016 election was stolen and claimed Hunter Biden's laptop was "Russian disinformation" just weeks before the 2020 presidential election. Clapper lied under oath during congressional testimony about the federal government spying on American citizens. Brennan called Trump a traitor, implying he should be put to death. He has the same disdain for Americans who support Trump and other Republicans. Clapper and Brennan are far left radicals who believe the federal government should be used to silence dissent. In 2018, President Trump stripped Brennan of his security clearance. 


DHS boasts the other members of the group, which include "journalists, prominent human rights, civil liberties advocates and former intelligence officials," will provide a "wide range of views and perspectives." 

DHS currently has 260,000 employees, raising further questions about why an outside working group is necessary. 

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