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Scandal: The Air Force Repeatedly Leaked Military Records to Democratic Operatives

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

During the 2022 midterm election cycle, the confidential military records of former U.S. Air Force Commander Jennifer-Ruth Green were leaked to the press, showing she had been sexually assaulted. At the time, Green was running against Democratic Congressman Frank Mrvan to represent Indiana's 1st Congressioanl District. 


In October 2022, it was confirmed the U.S. Air Force illegally leaked the records to Mrvan's campaign, which were then sent to POLITICO. 

"As I have contended all along, that my records were not properly obtained through FOIA, as Politico claimed. They were obtained by a Democrat opposition research firm, and their release was illegal. It’s the worst of politics, and it’s just the latest example that Hoosiers deserve better than Congressman Frank Mrvan,” Green said at the time. “I want to thank Senators Tom Cotton, Todd Young and Mike Braun as well as Congressman Jim Banks and Congressman Larry Bucshon for their ongoing efforts to demand accountability and get to the bottom of the illegal leak of my confidential files.”

“Now we know the Air Force did release documents illegally to a Democrat opposition research firm. And we know what firm it was and we know they work for the DCCC, which has been coordinating so closely with Frank Mrvan that every ad he’s aired in this race they split the cost of. To believe Mrvan and his cronies didn’t know is laughable. There is more to come,” Green’s Campaign Communications Director Kevin Hansberger added.


But it turns out Green isn't the only one whose service records were accessed by or leaked to Democratic operatives, who used them on the campaign trail as opposition research and for attack lines. 

Freshman Republican Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, who also served in the Air Force, believes her records were leaked to a Democratic firm. She is expanding a congressional investigation into the matter after finding a pattern of leaking from the military to democratic operatives. 


A scandal indeed and one that should be watched closely. 

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