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Biden Heads to a DNC Fundraiser as Chinese Balloon Prowls American Skies

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

As Spencer has thoroughly covered, the Pentagon announced Friday afternoon a Chinese spy balloon will continue to stay afloat in the United States for the "next fews days" after being discovered surveilling U.S. nuclear silos in Montana on Thursday. 


Friday morning President Joe Biden refused to answer questions about the ongoing national security breach at the White House, saying he would only discuss new economic numbers published earlier in the day. 


Now, as defense officials admit the Chinese balloon was not simply a "civilian airship" that blew off course, but rather a surveillance tool purposely sent by the Chinese Community Party, President Biden is headed to a Democratic National Committee  fundraiser in Philadelphia. 

"In the evening, the President and the Vice President will participate in a reception for the Democratic National Committee," the White House press official details. "Later, the President and the Vice President will deliver remarks at the Democratic National Committee Winter Meeting."

After the fundraiser, Biden will spend the weekend at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.  

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