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It's Official: Fauci Leaves NIH

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

It's official. Dr. Anthony Fauci said his goodbyes to the National Institutes of Health late last week. 

“Know what your message is and say it in as few words as possible. Know your audience. The goal of your communication is not to show how smart you are, but to get people to understand what the hell you are talking about," Fauci said in parting remarks. 

For years Fauci has been the federal government's highest paid employee. In retirement, Fauci will continue to collect an astronomical pension. 

A nonprofit transparency group is estimating that the first year of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s pension will amount to over $400,000 and top the annual salary that the President of the United States brings in.

A salary analysis conducted by Open The Books concluded that Fauci’s first year pension payout will total $414,000 which is more than the $400,000 brought in by the president.

Open The Books analyzed Fauci’s salary, which is currently $480,654 per year but is expected to shoot to $530,000 by 2024, and factored in "conservative" pay bumps and annuities based on previous years to estimate his pension.

Predictably, his sendoff didn't mention his failures during the COVID-19 pandemic, or mass protests against him during the AIDs crisis in the 1990s.

But while Fauci is retiring, House Republicans still plan on hauling him in for testimony about NIH funding for dangerous gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Lawmakers also have questions about Fauci's demands for censorship of media outlets and Americans who dared to promote the theory COVID-19 came from the lab. 

“Discovering the origin of COVID-19 is vital to providing accountability and protecting Americans in the future. Mounting evidence points to the virus originating from a leak at the Wuhan lab. EcoHealth Alliance, a U.S. National Institutes of Health grantee, passed taxpayer funds to the Wuhan lab to conduct gain of function research on bat coronaviruses – research that may have started the pandemic. Dr. Fauci was warned early on that the virus appeared man made and pointed to a lab leak and instead of blowing the whistle may have attempted to cover it up,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said about the investigation. “The American people deserve answers and accountability. We will continue to follow the facts to determine what, if anything, could have been done differently to guard against the harms Americans have endured during the pandemic. We will continue this oversight to hold U.S. government officials accountable for any wrongdoing and ensure Americans’ tax dollars aren’t being used on risky research at unsecure labs.”

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