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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

During the daily briefing at the White House Tuesday afternoon, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about record voter turnout in Georgia just two weeks out from Election Day. 


When asked specifically about President Joe Biden calling new voter integrity laws in the state "Jim Crow 2.0," Jean-Pierre claimed suppression is still present even with record numbers. 

New numbers released Monday from Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger confirm the state's new voter integrity laws, passed last year and signed by Republican Governor Brian Kemp, have juiced record turnout just two weeks away from Election Day. 

"Georgia voters continued to hit record breaking turnout on the first mandatory Saturday of Early Voting. As of Sunday morning, approximately 740K Georgia voters have cast their ballot during in-person Early Voting, with a whopping 79,682 showing up on Saturday, October 22nd. Saturday’s total marks an astounding 159% increase from day six of 2018 midterm Early Voting and shattered the turnout record of day six of Early Voting in the 2020 Presidential election by 20%," Raffensperger's office released. "Georgia has had record Early Voting turnout since the first day of Early Voting this year, surging to nearly twice the number on the first day of Early Voting in 2018. Totals have remained within striking distance of the 2020 Presidential election turnout, and have shattered previous midterm turnout records by 50% or greater during every day of Early Voting this week."


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