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AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

Republicans are working to protect American jobs and national security interests from President Joe Biden's latest backdoor gun and ammunition grabs.  

"It has come to our attention that the United States Army is considering an unusual decision to ban the commercial production of certain types of 5.56mm caliber ammunition produced by the Government-Owned, Contractor Operated facility known as the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant," a number of Republican lawmakers, led by Missouri Reps. Vicky Hartzler Sam Graves, wrote in a letter to President Joe Biden. "Lake City currently produces a significant portion of this type of 5.56mm ammunition for the commercial market. Having the ability to produce this product for commercial sale allows the operating contractor to maintain capacity and keep the facility at a high state of readiness, at no cost to the government. This ensures the Army is ready to ramp up production in the event of a national emergency."


"The decision will exacerbate an already serious shortage of ammunition in the commercial market currently facing law-abiding gun owners. Severely limiting the commercially available 5.56mm ammunition, which is most popularly used in modern sporting rifles (MSRs), is effectively a politically sanctioned semi-automatic rifle ban. This blatantly infringes on the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution by limiting law-abiding gun owners’ ability to legally purchase or use lawful semi-automatic rifles," they continue. "We urge you to immediately end consideration of this action, which we view as a backdoor attempt to bypass Congress and ban legal and highly popular commercial ammunition and certain semi-automatic rifles used by law-abiding Americans across the country."

Last week the National Shooting Sports Foundation sounded the alarm about the Biden administration plan to shut down sales of ammunition at the Lake City plant. 


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