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(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

New Fox News polling spells even more bad news for Democrats on pretty much every issue facing American voters and on a signature issue for the left. 

"When asked to offer a more general assessment of their economic mood, 65% say they feel pessimistic. That’s an 18-point increase since last year, and up 30 points from four years ago," the polling shows. "Nine in 10 report the cost of food and gas are a problem for their family. That includes majorities who say current grocery (55%) and gas prices (67%) are a "major" problem. For voters in households earning less than $50,000 annually, nearly three-quarters call gas prices a major problem (72%).  And by a 50-32% margin, more voters say President Biden’s policies are responsible for current gas prices than blame Russian President Putin’s war with Ukraine."  


For years, Democrats have been beating the drum about "preserving Democracy." They've gone to great lengths to prove they're the party to be trusted on the issue and used it to justify impeaching President Trump twice. They've opposed a number of election integrity measures like voter identification, claiming Republicans in favor of laws requiring identification to cast a ballot are an attack on the democratic process. Over the past week, the partisan January 6th Committee has repeatedly declared American democracy is at stake and Democrats are here to protect it. 

But according to new numbers, Republicans beat out Democrats on the issue of "preserving democracy." 

Given how much time, taxpayer money and political capital Democrats have spent on this issue, they look pretty screwed for November. 


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