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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

President Joe Biden will give a speech on inflation from the White House Tuesday as prices on everyday and essential items continue to skyrocket, inflicting suffering on American families. 


"The President will deliver remarks on his plan to fight inflation and lower costs for working families, and contrast his approach with Congressional Republicans' ultra-MAGA plan to raise taxes on 75 million American families and threaten to sunset programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid," the White House detailed on the weekly schedule. 

But many of Biden's claims on inflation and tax increases, especially his continued blame-shifting to the Trump administration and Republicans, has already been debunked. 

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Tim Scott has introduced new legislation to combat record inflation. 

"The truth is that President Biden's economic policies have led to the worst inflationary effects in our economy in 40 years. That means that the average person in our country is experiencing an invisible tax that is eroding their spending power," Scott said during a recent interview with Fox Business. "That means that our seniors who are on a fixed income have to find a way to ration either their health care or their medicine, their energy, or food. It means that people who are growing up in households like the one I grew up in, now having to make harder decisions than they've ever had to make. That's wrong." 


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