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(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin reinvaded Ukraine, sparking additional calls for harsh sanctioning. 

"Through his rhetoric and actions, Vladimir Putin has turned his back on the Minsk process and diplomacy in favor of escalation and invasion of a sovereign country," Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday. "Every indication suggests these actions will almost certainly be used as a prelude to even further aggression and an even larger invasion. If that occurs, many Ukrainians could die. The humanitarian consequences could be catastrophic. And the threat will not stop with Ukraine. All the free nations of the world will be affected if Putin’s aggression is allowed to stand unchallenged." 


"The world is watching. Our allies, our adversaries, and neutral countries will all judge the West by our response — and plan their futures accordingly," he continued. "As he escalates his war against Ukraine, Putin must be made to pay a far heavier price than he paid for his previous invasions of Georgia and Ukraine. This should begin, but not end, with devastating sanctions against the Kremlin and its enablers. The President should waste no time in using his extensive existing authorities to impose these costs."

The majority of Americans are rightfully skeptical about getting the U.S. militarily involved in the conflict, but the federal government has been dumping money into the country for years. The funds aren't limited to military support for Ukraine to defend itself against the Kremlin. 

Take a look at this compilation: 


Meanwhile, questions of corruption and interest are resurfacing as governments weigh a response to Putin's invasion.

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