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Yesterday British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced all Wuhan coronavirus restrictions, including masks and vaccine passports, will be eliminated next week. The British people are now able to live their lives freely and make decisions for themselves about how to mitigate the risks of the virus. 


"We will trust the judgement of the British people and no longer criminalize those who choose not to wear [a mask]," Johnson said. 

Responding to the news, student and political commentator Sophie Corcoran broke down in tears as she detailed the rampant abuse the government inflicted on young people and children over the past two years. 

"The damage that they have done to my generation has been unbelievable," Corcoran said. "I literally watched my future crumble in front of my eyes."

"This makes me so angry. They literally ruined our lives and nobody spoke about it at all. The commentators, they had union reps come on and say this is what the schools should do and they didn't care about what this did to us. This is the first time I've spoken about it on TV because I knew that I'd cry about it but I literally watched and felt like my entire life was falling apart because of what this government did to young people and nobody cares. Not one person has cared about children in this pandemic."


While the UK is lifting restrictions, President Joe Biden is sending Americans masks through the mail and mayors in a number of cities have instituted vaccine passports for restaurants, gyms and events. School districts across the country are forcing children to wear masks for 8-hours a day. Some districts are now requiring N95 masks be worn. Colleges are forcing healthy and young students to be vaccinated, even if classes are remote. 

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