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CDC Director Explains Major Factor Behind People Dying from Wuhan Coronavirus

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool

UPDATE: Some are claiming Walensky's remarks on "Good Morning America" have been taken out of context despite the CDC Director being quoted directly. Good Morning America also updated their interview, which they cut short. The full version is included below. 


***Original post***

After years of government lockdowns, restrictions, school closures and mandates controlling the lives of the American people, Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky is finally admitting what we already knew to be true. 

"The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75 percent, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities. So really, these were people who were unwell to begin with," Walensky told "Good Morning America" Friday. 

At least four comorbidities. 

In other words, generally healthy people are not at high risk of dying from the disease. We've known this since summer 2020, and yet, healthy people have been forced to quarantine and work remotely, or not at all, since the pandemic started. 


Further, during an interview with "Fox News Sunday," Walensky exposed the data on deaths from Wuhan coronavirus vs. with the disease is mixed together and therefore, completely contaminated. Regardless, the bad data has been used by government officials to justify shutting down schools, regulating private businesses and violating individual medical sovereignty with vaccine mandates. 

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