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Doctor Details New 'Bombshell' Data About Moderna Vaccination and Young People

AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

A new study from Oxford University shows people under the age of 40 are at higher risk of developing myocarditis after the second dose of Moderna's Wuhan coronavirus vaccine than they are of developing it through natural infection. 

Dr. Vinay Prasad went through the data, calling the revelation a bombshell, and offered a number of solutions. 

"In under 40-year-old people...dose two of Moderna has exceeded the risk of myocarditis after infection with a second dose," Prasad said. "There have been many people who have been reluctant to take serious the risks of myocarditis after the Moderna product." 

"If you're under 40 and if you pool men and women together, there is more myocarditis associated with dose two of Moderna than there is with an infection. That is a bombshell finding," he continued. 

The study came just days before the CDC recommended Moderna and Pfizer over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which it says has serious but rare blood clotting side effects.

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