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Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP

As global supply chains continue to lock up, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is missing in action. 

Instead of focusing on how to get goods to consumers under overwhelming federal government pandemic policies, Buttigieg has been focused on "equity" projects. 

As Joe Concha points out, Buttigieg has also been focused on himself and it's amateur hour

A quick Google check of "Pete Buttigieg,” when using the "News" search option, reveals the following headlines in this exact order as of Monday afternoon. 

"Pete Buttigieg Calls Parenting Twins 'Most Demanding Thing': 'Yet I Catch Myself Grinning Half the Time’ ” - People Magazine

"Pete Buttigieg calls parenting twins 'the most demanding thing I think I've ever done’ ” - USA Today, under the "Celebrities" section 

"Buttigieg quiet on growing port congestion as shipping concerns build ahead of holidays" - Fox News 

"Buttigieg on parenthood: 'Most demanding thing' I’ve ever done" - NBC News

"Pete Buttigieg Dishes on His Future As a Presidential Candidate" - Business Insider

As you can see, almost all outlets are focusing on Buttigieg's foray into fatherhood and not on the one major issue he's in charge of fixing, or at least getting under some semblance of control, as cargo ships continue to pile up off the coast of America’s port cities.  

Meanwhile, the Biden White House is blaming global supply chain problems on private businesses rather than government policies causing widespread shortages and backups. 

"As the country recovers from a once in a century pandemic and economic crisis, the private businesses that make up our supply chains, which get goods to businesses and the American people, have struggled to keep up," the White House released in a "fact sheet." "Secretary Buttigieg and Port Envoy Porcari will continue to work with all stakeholders to help more businesses access these expanded hours, and move the rest of the supply chain towards 24/7 operations." 

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