This is How Biden Plans to Get Americans Out of Afghanistan After August 31

Posted: Aug 26, 2021 8:00 PM
This is How Biden Plans to Get Americans Out of Afghanistan After August 31

Source: (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Speaking to reporters at the White House Thursday evening, Press Secretary Jen Psaki reconfirmed President Biden has no plans to extend the August 31 departure deadline for U.S. troops in Afghanistan as thousands of Americans remain stranded behind enemy lines. 

When asked about how the U.S. government plans to get Americans out after the deadline, Psaki said there will be coordination with the Taliban. 

"Moments ago you said the commitment won't end at the end of the month despite all of the Americans who remain. During his remarks moments ago the President said we were going to "try and get as many people out as we can." Is he trying to prepare the American public for sort of a harsh reality that some Americans might still be left on the ground there when we leave?" a reporter asked. 

"There are some Americans who may not have decided to leave until the 31st. That is possible. Many of these Americans who remain are dual citizens. They may have extended family members, 20 family members, 30 family members, other family member who they may want to bring with them and they aren't ready to make that decision. Our commitment to them will not end. We will continue to work to get them out but his main objective and focus and laser focus which he asks for many updates a day on is getting every American who wants to leave out now in the next few days. That is what the U.S. military is working to deliver on," Psaki said. 

Psaki also said during the briefing the Taliban is not a trusted group. Regardless, the terrorist organization will continue to handle perimeter security at the Kabul airport and control the fate of Americans who currently can't make it to the airport. 

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