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(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Teachers in schools districts across the country, but particularly in northern Virginia, are successfully fighting against the teachers unions. 

For weeks, concerned parents of all backgrounds have attended school board meetings to oppose critical race theory, which teaches children to hate each other based on the color of their skin. 

Now, they're trying to change the language and definition of CRT in order to continue teaching it in schools. Worse, they're gaslighting parents and lying about it. 

First, American Federation of Teacher's President Randi Weingarten attempted to claim CRT isn't taught in schools and in the same statement, admitted it is taught in schools. 

Now, she's attempting to rebrand CRT as "common history." 

CRT is a leftist ideology that breaks Americans into groups based on race and skin color. Rebranding it as "common history" doesn't change it's cynical goal of tearing the country apart. 

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