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After Falling Behind at the G7, Biden Calls an Early Lid Back Home

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

After reportedly falling behind during the G7 in Cornwall last week, President Joe Biden called an early lid Monday and cut off press access to his schedule at 2:44 pm et. 


Biden returned from the trip to Washington D.C. five days ago, during which he had trouble answering questions, being fully engaged and remembering who he introduced during meetings. 

Just two weeks ago, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan claimed President Biden keeps a "packed" schedule.


"He's had an unbelievably packed and crowded agenda, particularly domestically, and trying to beat the pandemic and get on the road to COVID-19 recovery," Sullivan said during a June 7 press briefing at the White House. "He's looking forward to making sure he gets to touch the leaders of every significant country in the world over the course of the coming weeks and months."

Biden's schedule for the rest of the week includes continuing negotiations on a bipartisan infrastructure package and a speech about rising violent crime rates in cities across the country. 

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