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Tulsi Gabbard Blasts the 'Racialization' of Everything

Former presidential candidate and Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is blasting members of her political party, although not by name, for the "racialization" and hate of "everything and everyone." 


"My dear friends, my fellow Americans, please, please let us stop the racialization of everyone and everything. This racialism. We’re all children of God and are therefore family in the truest sense. No matter our race or ethnicity, this is Aloha and this is what our country and the world need. The mainstream media, propaganda, media and politicians, they want us to constantly focus on our skin color and the skin color of others because it helps them politically or financially,” she said in a video posted on Twitter. 

Gabbard then urged Americans to treated each other with the guidance of her home state's slogan of "Aloha."

"Aloha means respect and love for others. It’s what enables us to see beyond our skin color and see the soul, the person with them. So, let’s do our best to cultivate this Aloha in our hearts and see and treat others through this prism of love, not through the prism of race and ethnicity. Please let us not allow ourselves to be led down this dark and divisive path of racialism and hate," she continued.


Gabbard's comments come as the Biden Administration plans to mandate Critical Race Theory be taught in public schools across the country. Using race, CRT teaches children to hate each other and their country. 

Gabbard voluntarily left Congress last year and plans to start a podcast.

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