Flashback to When LeBron James Believed 'All Lives Matter'

Posted: Apr 22, 2021 11:40 AM
Flashback to When LeBron James Believed 'All Lives Matter'

Source: Mike Ehrmann/Pool Photo via AP

Yesterday, Chinese Communist Party activist and NBA player LeBron James went after a Columbia Police Officer after he saved a teenager from being stabbed to death. 

First, here's what happened: 

And how James responded: 

He eventually deleted the tweet, but his message was loud and clear. 

But there was a time when James didn't jump to conclusions about the police, waited for the facts and wasn't owned by communist Chinese money. 

"I'm not up here saying that all police are bad, because they're not. I'm not here saying that all kids are great and all adults are great, because they're not. But at the same time, all lives do matter. It's not black or white, it's not that. It's everyone," James said when he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

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