Biden's UN Ambassador Defends Repeating Anti-American, Chinese Propaganda

Posted: Apr 18, 2021 1:00 PM
Biden's UN Ambassador Defends Repeating Anti-American, Chinese Propaganda

Source: (Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP)

Last week newly minted Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield blasted the United States during an event for Al Sharpton and claimed white supremacy is "woven into" the country's founding documents. 

"We immediately reengaged with the Human Rights Council and have announced our intention to seek election to that body so that we can advance our most cherished democratic values around the globe. Of course when we raise issues of equity and justice at the global scale we have to approach them with humility. We have to acknowledge that we are an imperfect union and have been since the beginning. And every day we strive to make ourselves more perfect and more just," Thomas-Greenfield said. "I've seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles."

During an interview with Face the Nation Sunday morning, Thomas-Greenfield doubled down on the comments as "powerful" and an important message. 

"I was acknowledging what is a fact in the United States. Racism does exist in this country and I think it was a powerful message," she said. 

During a recent meeting between the Chinese Communist Party and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Alaska, Chinese officials lectured the U.S. and said American officials have no business bringing up their genocide against the Uyghurs while they are "slaughtering black people.

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Mr Yang further condemned the US for interfering in its internal matters while asking Washington to reflect on its own failure to deal with internal human rights issues. He said that Black Americans were being “slaughtered” there, referring to the killing of Black Americans and the Black Lives Matter movement in America.