Border Democrat Gives the Biden Administration a Reality Check

Posted: Mar 08, 2021 10:40 AM
Border Democrat Gives the Biden Administration a Reality Check

Source: (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

Border district Democrats are sounding the alarm as the crisis created by President Joe Biden's pro-illegal immigration policies gets worse. 

During an interview with CNN over the weekend, Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar urged the administration to deal in reality and discussed alarming numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the border as the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic continues. 

"Look, they can call it a challenge. Other people can call it a crisis. Let me look at the reality. In January we had 78,000 people who were stopped at the border. In February I think you're going to see numbers close to 100,000 individuals and keep in mind that March, April, May and June are the peak times so we haven't even hit the peak times right now," Cueller said. "And what's happing is that, Border Patrol does not COVID test any of them. The ones who are tested...are like the MPP on the Mexican side, but the ones who are coming in, they're not tested by Border Patrol. They might be tested by some of the NGOs so if they get on a bus they can travel anywhere with the permisso, the notice to appear like the person you mentioned -- San Francisco."

"This is why Greyhound and other folks are saying, 'Hang on. You're letting people into our buses without having been COVID tested,'" he continued. 

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Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has asked President Joe Biden for a meeting to work on the issue.