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(AP Photo/AJ Mast)

Conservative radio host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin warned on his television program Sunday night of the grave consequences should the Republicans lose the Senate majority on Tuesday. Control of the Senate comes down to two run-off races in Georgia. 

"Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are being destroyed by the Democrat Party and the media and they want to destroy what's left of this. We know this because Democrats have announced their intentions. If the two Neo-Marxist Democrat's running in Georgia are elected to the Senate, it will be 50-50. Then the Neo-Marxists, they hope, purported Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris, it's not there yet, but they hope, she'll be the 51st vote for the Democrats," Levin said. "By the slimmest of margins they are going to destroy our judiciary. They are going to destroy the separation of powers. They're going to destroy the United States Senate by packing the United States Supreme Court. They are going to have a rogue legislature that will pass whatever it wants, anytime it wants and fundamentally alter every aspect of this society. And then finally, they want to destroy the Electoral College so Republicans can never win and Republican areas of this country in effect have lost their franchise and their representation."

"That's how serious this is. We're standing at the precipice and we're looking into the abyss. Because this [U.S. Constitution] is the target. This is the target," he continued. "The Democrat Party never much liked the founding of this country. It never much liked the Declaration of Independence and certainly not the Constitution...if we don't win at least one seat, but both seats in the state of Georgia, which is supposed to be a Republican state, this country will be changed forever."

Levin also urged Republicans to fight against the acceptance of electors on January 6. 

Watch below: 

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