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UPDATE: Secretary of State Urges Caution; It Appears There Was a Major Vote Counting Error in Arizona

(AP Photo/Matt York)

UPDATE II: The office of Governor Doug Ducey tells Townhall final vote tallies may not be completed for a number of days. 

UPDATE: The Arizona Secretary of State is urging caution on the state being called. 


***Original post***

The Trump campaign remains adamant this morning Arizona is still in play and that when all of the votes are counted in the Grand Canyon State, President Trump will be the winner. 

Last night the Associated Press and Fox News called the race for Joe Biden with millions of votes outstanding. The Trump campaign and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey pushed back. 


Now, according to a reporter for the National Journal, there may have been a major vote counting error. 

Meanwhile, this Democrat in the state is still nervous about the final result.

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