Trump Announces Military Will Help Administer Wuhan Coronavirus Vaccine

Posted: Sep 16, 2020 6:30 PM
Trump Announces Military Will Help Administer Wuhan Coronavirus Vaccine

Source: (AP Photo/Hans Pennink)

Speaking from the White House Wednesday afternoon, President Trump announced he has ordered the military to help administer a Wuhan coronavirus vaccine to the American public when it becomes available. The move comes as part of the newly released National Vaccine Distribution Plan, which was sent out to governors of all 50 states today. 

"Today my administration released our detailed National Vaccine Distribution Plan and that includes a plan to ensure that we swiftly deliver the vaccine directly to America's senior citizens in nursing homes and it's all set. We have our military lined up. Everybody is lined up and we think that's going to go nicely," Trump said. "We're fully mobilizing the awesome power of American industry and also our military."

"We're on track to deliver and distribute the vaccine in a very, very safe and effective manner," Trump continued, saying December will be the latest date 100,000 doses will be distributed with the possibility of an October start date. "We're ready to move and it will be a full distribution."

When asked about a specific timeline for when anyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one, President Trump said, "Very soon...the safety has to be 100 percent" 

Dr. Scott Atlas, who is a member of the White House Wuhan coronavirus task force, also detailed plans for distribution and touted the 57-page plan developed by the Trump administration to get as many Americans as possible the vaccinated efficiently. 

"This is a very detailed plan that started months ago," Atlas said. 

During the briefing, President Trump also slammed Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden for questioning the vaccine's safety. 

"I'm calling on Biden to stop promoting his anti-vaccine theories because all they're doing is hurting the importance of what we're doing," Trump said.