Trump Administration Brokers Another Major Foreign Policy Deal

Posted: Sep 04, 2020 2:30 PM
Trump Administration Brokers Another Major Foreign Policy Deal

Source: (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

President Trump officially signed a deal normalizing relations between Kosovo, Serbia and Israel at the White House Friday, ending decades of a political statement between the countries. 

"I am pleased to announce yet another historic commitment.  Serbia and Kosovo have each committed to economic normalization.  After a violent and tragic history and years of failed negotiations, my Administration proposed a new way of bridging the divide. By focusing on job creation and economic growth, the two countries were able to reach a real breakthrough on economic cooperation across a broad range of issues," President Trump released in a statement. "We have also made additional progress on reaching peace in the Middle East. Kosovo and Israel have agreed to normalization of ties and the establishment of diplomatic relations. Serbia has committed to opening a commercial office in Jerusalem this month and to move its embassy to Jerusalem by July."  

"It has taken tremendous bravery by President Vucic of Serbia and Prime Minister Hoti of Kosovo to embark on these talks and to come to Washington to finalize these commitments. By doing so, they have made their countries, the Balkans, and the world safer. I look forward to seeing Serbia and Kosovo prosper as we work together on economic cooperation in the region going forward," he continued. 

As part of the deal Serbia and Kosovo will move their embassies to Jerusalem. Kosovo is a majority Muslim country. 

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell played a huge role in brokering the deal and is celebrating the normalization of relations. 

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