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Dan Bongino Describes the Most Powerful Sound to Families of Police Officers

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Former NYPD police officer and Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino testified on Capitol Hill Wednesday as Democrats and Republicans work to find common ground on police reform.


During his remarks, Bongino gave voice to law enforcement officers who risk their lives every day to protect their communities.

"I spoke at an event for police officers years ago and the spouse of one of these heroes said this. She said, 'The most wonderful sound in the world for the spouse of a police officer is the sound of velcro at night." You may be saying, 'Why velcro?' Because it's how a police officer's body armor is secured to their bodies. And when that body armor comes off and that sound echos in their ears the families of these heroes know that they're finally home safely," he told the House Judiciary Committee. 

"These are good men and women. Yes, as with any profession there are officers, no question, who aren't suited for the job. Some who cause trouble, sometimes worse. We've seen that. In my experience this is rare and becoming rarer," he continued.  

He also condemned calls to defund the police.

"I ask you please with the greatest of respect and humility, please stop this defund the police abomination," he said. "Removing these heroes from your communities and my community will do nothing but ensure chaos and destruction. Police officers are the front lines, putting themselves the evildoers among us and the honest, hard-working Americans just yearning for some security and prosperity and a small slice of Americana. We can and should commit to police accountability but we can do it without shredding the thin wall between civilization and chaos."


You can watch Bongino's entire opening statement below:


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