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The White House Easter Egg Roll Has Been Cancelled

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

First Lady Melania Trump announced Monday morning the 2020 White House Easter Egg Roll has been canceled. 

“The health and safety of all Americans must be the first priority, especially right now,” First Lady Melania Trump released a statement. “I deeply regret this cancellation, but we need to make difficult decisions in the short-term to ensure a healthy country for the long-term. During this time, I encourage everyone to listen to state and local officials, and follow CDC guidelines in order to help protect the health and well-being of everyone.”


The news comes after the Centers for Disease Control issued new guidance over the weekend limiting gatherings of groups to 50 people. 

President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and members of the Wuhan coronavirus task force gave two briefings over the weekend and the situation continues to change by the day. It was also revealed President Trump was tested for the disease and his results came back negative. 


The Trump administration is expected to issue additional and new guidance from the White House Monday afternoon. 

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