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Green Hypocrisy: Watch Elizabeth Warren Try to Hide After Getting Caught Flying on Private Jet

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

In order to save the planet from the scourge of "global warming," Massachusetts Senator and 2020 Democrat Elizabeth Warren wants to destroy America's economy by implementing the Green New Deal. But on the campaign trail, it appears she has no interest in curbing her own behavior to save the environment. 


After a less than stellar showing in Iowa, Warren bolted to New Hampshire...on a private plane. 

But she isn't the only one. Bernie Sanders, who owns multiple homes, is flying private too. From the Washington Free Beacon:

The Bernie Sanders campaign spent just under $1.2 million on private jet travel last quarter, outpacing the entire 2020 Democratic presidential primary field.

The most recent filing from Sanders reveals $1,199,579 in spending during the final three months of 2019 to Apollo Jets, LLC, a "luxury private jet charter service." The campaign spent an additional $23,941 for transportation to Virginia-based Advanced Aviation Team.

The candidate who comes closest to matching Sanders in private jet spending was former vice president Joe Biden, whose campaign spent $1,040,698 to Advanced Aviation Team last quarter.


As a reminder, the Green New Deal would ban air travel

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