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Schumer: We're About to Lose to Mitch McConnell, Again

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Tomorrow marks the final day of questioning during President Trump's impeachment trial and it's looking likely that Senators have heard enough. 

Despite days of pleading, Senate Democrats will likely lose their bid to break precedent by calling new witnesses who did not testify during the House impeachment inquiry and before articles were transmitted to the Senate. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer seems to be accepting the inevitable: Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has bested him again. 


Democrats need four Republican votes. All eyes are on vulnerable seats in Arizona, Maine, Colorado and on "moderates" Susan Collins, Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski. Despite Schumer's claims, Democrats have not "won over the American people," who just want this whole thing to be over with. 

Republican Senator Cory Gardner has said he will vote "no" on new witnesses, leaving Democrats with fewer options. 


In the end if Senators vote against new witnesses, it will be to preserve the integrity and dignity of the Senate and will serve as a rejection of the House's incomplete, weak case against President Trump. 

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