Whistleblower Attorney Doubles Down: Yes, I Was Referring to a Coup Against President Trump

Posted: Nov 07, 2019 11:55 AM

The attorney representing the "whistleblower" who filed a complaint against President Trump with House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, Mark Zaid, is doubling down on comments he made in 2017 about supporting a coup against President Trump. 

From Fox News

After tweeting lightheartedly about the controversy Wednesday night, Zaid sent Fox News a formal statement Thursday in which he said the social media posts were written with the belief that Trump would likely be “stepping over the line” at some point during his presidency.

“Those tweets were reflective and repeated the sentiments of millions of people,” Zaid said. “I was referring to a completely lawful process of what President Trump would likely face as a result of stepping over the line, and that particularly whatever would happen would come about as a result of lawyers. The coup comment referred to those working inside the Administration who were already, just a week into office, standing up to him to enforce recognized rules of law.“

Yesterday, as Matt wrote, Zaid was exposed for 2017 tweets like this: 

Last night President Trump blasted Zaid during a rally in Louisiana and called the entire impeachment process a "hoax." 

He said the same on Twitter this morning.

Meanwhile, Schiff has set public hearings as part of his "impeachment" inquiry for next week. 

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