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Venezuela: U.S. Slaps Sanctions on Dictator Nicolas Maduro's Son

The State Department announced new sanctions on Nicolas Ernesto Maduro Guerra Friday afternoon, the son of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. 

"Maduro Guerra is a member of the illegitimate National Constituent Assembly, a body established by his father to undermine the democratically-elected National Assembly and entrench a brutal regime. In 2014, Maduro Guerra was also appointed by his father to head the Corps of Inspectors of the Presidency," the State Department released in a statement. "This action demonstrates that the United States will continue to hold officials of the illegitimate Maduro regime accountable for their oppression of the Venezuelan people, theft of Venezuela’s resources, and the disastrous policies that have created unbearable living conditions throughout the country.  While Nicolas Maduro, his family and associates continue to enjoy lives of luxury, the Venezuelan people suffer and millions have been forced to flee their homes."


The United States, in addition to dozens of other countries, officially recognizes Juan Guiado as the president of Venezuela. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House National Security Advisor John Bolton continue to urge the international community to keep up their pressure on Maduro as the Venezuelan people continue to suffer.

"U.S. sanctions need not be permanent.  They are intended to bring about a positive change of behavior," the State Department continued. "The United States urges all nations to step up economic and diplomatic pressure on Maduro and his corrupt associates.  We continue to stand with the people of Venezuela, interim President Juan Guaido, and the National Assembly as they continue their struggle for freedom and prosperity."


On another note, Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote an op-ed today about the importance of reversing the Obama administration's failures on the Venezuelan crisis.

The Obama-Biden administration had many years to prevent the humanitarian crisis and security threat from spiraling out of control in Venezuela, but it did not. In fact, the previous administration exacerbated the serious problems on the ground by ignoring the destabilizing role that foes like Cuba, Russia, Hezbollah, the ELN, and the FARC are playing in the region.

Shortly after the Trump administration imposed sanctions on Tareck El Aissami in 2017, the Washington Post’s editorial board noted that Maduro had been “hiding behind appeals for ‘dialogue’ with the democratic opposition.” Because President Trump and his team were not content with the failed status quo they inherited, Maduro can hide no longer. As they continue to reverse the Obama administration’s failed Venezuela policy, we must remain vigilant. Indeed, despots in our hemisphere and across the globe are eager for a new administration in America and a return of false dialogue.


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