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Nancy Pelosi Pretends She Hasn't Heard What Ilhan Omar Said About 9/11, But Attacked Trump Over It Anyway

Since regaining her title as Speaker of the House in January, Nancy Pelosi has had a rough time keeping the rowdy and new wing of her leftist party in line. 


After a series of anti-Semitic comments, figuring out how to manage and handle Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been a regular challenge. Last week, comments from Omar downplaying who committed the  9/11 terrorist attacks went viral. 

Instead of calling on Omar to apologize or explain herself, Pelosi went after President Trump for promoting of a video of Omar's remarks combined with 9/11 new footage. She then accused Trump of being responsible for an increase in the number of death threats against the Congresswoman.


But during a recent interview with CNN, Pelosi claimed she doesn't actually know what Omar said and because of her current overseas travel, did't defend her right away over the remarks. 

Pelosi is either lying or attacked President Trump on the issue not knowing what Omar actually said. Both make her outrage disingenuous and entirely political.

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