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Bernie Sanders: You’re Damn Right We’re Going to Destroy Private Health Insurance

This week President Trump plunged the White House into the 2020 debate over healthcare, again calling for the end to Obamacare and a replacement that actually fulfills the needs of Americans. 

"Obamacare is a total disaster and Democrats know it.  They sold Obamacare on lies and empty promises, and after years of implementation, it has completely failed the American people – costs exploded, options vanished, and patients suffered.  Unfortunately, the Democrats’ radical idea would force a complete and total government takeover of the healthcare system.  This socialist agenda would result in 180 Million Americans losing their healthcare coverage and, in particular, would drastically hurt seniors," Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released in a statement Thursday afternoon.
"President Donald J. Trump has been clear, Republicans will become 'The Party of Healthcare.' Since the President took office, the Administration has addressed many of the problems with Obamacare by lowering the costs of prescription drugs for the first time in 46 years and opening up newer, more affordable health insurance options for middle-class American families and small businesses," the statement continued. "But the fight is just beginning.  We will protect people with pre-existing conditions, lower prices for care and prescription drugs even further, end surprise medical bills, and make sure Americans get the absolute best quality of care.  Our Nation deserves a great healthcare system that puts American patients first and puts people – not the government – in control of their healthcare."

Trump's comments and the official White House statement come after weeks of Democrats vowing to implement a socialist, government run healthcare system that eliminates private insurance altogether. 

During an interview with MSNBC earlier this week, 2020 socialist candidate Bernie Sanders reiterated this idea and then proudly proclaimed private insurance should be eliminated. 

As a reminder, the elimination of the private, employer based health insurance system would strip 100 million Americans of their health insurance plans.

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