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President Trump Goes After Obamacare and Vows to Fix Healthcare

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Speaking from the Oval Office at the White House Wednesday morning, President Trump went after Obamacare and vowed to produce a healthcare system that works for Americans.


"The Republican Party, and you will see this very soon, because Obamacare is a disaster, it's too expensive, it's too expensive by far, people can't afford it and the deductible is horrible. So, the premiums cost too much. The deductible is horrible. The difference between now and the other administration is that we're administering Obamacare very well. But it's still horrible, no good, it's something we can't live with in this country," Trump said.

"It's far too expensive for the people, not only for the country. But I'm not even thinking about for the country. It's too expensive. The premiums are too expensive and people are going broke trying to pay for it," he continued. "The deductible's are averaging over $7,000 so you have to spend $7,000 before you get anything. That's a very unusual circumstance. Deductibles are way too high and Obamacare is a disaster so we're be the Party of healthcare."


Yesterday President Trump made his way to Capitol Hill for a policy lunch with Republican leaders. Just before leaving the White House, he tweeted the same message.

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