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Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may not be running for the White House in 2020 (or is she?), but she's not going away or taking a back seat as the Democrat primary continues to heat up. 


Over the weekend Clinton ironically accepted an award for unity at a Civil Rights event in Selma, Alabama. Her pandering southern accent made another appearance as she went all in against President Trump. 

The current "full-fledged crisis" of trust in federal government institutions is largely of Clinton's making. Not only was she given a pass by the Department of Justice for mishandling top secret, classified information during her time as Secretary of State, she turned the FBI into a political weapon with the infamous dirty dossier. That bogus dossier was used by the FBI to open investigations on members of the Trump campaign and ultimately helped prompt the Special Counsel investigation.


Throughout her career, Clinton has made it clear the legal system doesn't apply to powerful Democrats like herself, which goes against the American ideal that everyone - no matter status - is treated equally under the law.

On the issue of civil rights and race relations, President Trump recently signed criminal justice reform into law and his approval numbers with black voters are on the rise. African-American unemployment is at its lowest rate in recorded history.

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