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So-Called Protector of the First Amendment Gets a T-Shirt Banned Because It's 'Offensive' to Journalists

In the age of Trump, journalists have been repeatedly called out by the commander-in-chief as "fake news." After a barrage of corrections or full retractions on "breaking news" stories covering everything from the Russia investigation, smearing high school boys and border security, many in the media have roundly earned the label. 

But the leftist "defenders of Democracy," who parade under the guise of journalists, seem to only want First Amendment protections for themselves. After all, to them conservative media doesn't count and they believe anything critical of journalists who let their leftist bias get in the way of the facts should be condemned. 

The latest example of this came through a t-shirt being sold at Bloomingdale's.

But the t-shirt is no longer being available at the retail giant. Why? A journalist demanded it be taken off the shelves.

"Democracy dies in darkness..." or something.

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