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Speaking on Fox News Tuesday morning, freshman Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-CA) said she is open to a barrier on the southern border with Mexico and agreed that Republicans and Democrats are closer on the issue than is being portrayed.


"In a compromise world it doesn't seem like the two sides are that far apart, would you agree?" Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer asked.

"I agree. This is a perfect example of where we need to get past semantics and really come to this compromise. I know that means hardliners on both sides are not going to be happy and might not vote for it but I believe that most people are in the middle," Hill responded. "The hangup again is going to be this term [wall] so I really really hope people can get past that." 

"I think we can come to some kind of agreement that keeps the government open and addresses the major issues happening along the border," Hill continued. "I'm sure it'll get me in trouble with some folks. Listen, we all know it's not that 2,000 concrete barrier so I'm, you know, as long as it's not that, I'm pretty good."


Hill will serve on the Presidential Escort Committee for tonight's State of the Union Address.

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