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Hamas Just Sent a Mortar, Likely Provided By Iran, Through an Israeli Kindergarten

Over the past 24-hours, the Iranian backed terrorist organization Hamas launched nearly 100 rockets and mortars into Israel with the intention of slaughtering innocent civilians. Israeli Defense forces responded by targeting a series of Hamas strongholds in the Gaza Strip.


A close look at the rockets shows many were developed and sent by Iran. While the Iron Dome has intercepted most of the attacks, one of the mortars landed in the yard of an Israeli kindergarten where children play. Luckily, it was in the early morning hours before children were at the school. Another landed in a civilian home.


A number of Israeli soldiers and civilians have been wounded as a result of the rocket fire.

During Operation Protective Edge in 2014, when Israel launch a full-scale military operation to combat Hamas and their rocket war, medical workers at a hospital in Ashkelon were forced to permanently move premature babies into a bomb shelter.

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