CNN Contributor April Ryan: Melania Trump Isn't Really American, You Know

Posted: May 08, 2018 10:33 AM
CNN Contributor April Ryan: Melania Trump Isn't Really American, You Know

Yesterday First Lady Melania Trump introduced her new initiative "Be Best," with a goal of promoting healthy behaviors and ending cyber bullying among children.

"There is one goal to Be Best and that is to educate children about the many issues they are facing today.  If we truly listen to what our kids have to say, whether it be their concerns or ideas, adults can provide them the support and tools they need to grow up to be happy and productive adults who contribute positively to society and their global communities," Mrs. Trump said during a Rose Garden ceremony. "There are too many critical issues facing children today, so the three main pillars of Be Best will include wellbeing, social media use, and opioid abuse."

"Together, I believe we should strive to provide kids with the tools they need to cultivate their social and emotional health," she continued. "We can and should teach children the importance of social and self-awareness, positive relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Once a child understands these vital skills, they will be able to communicate openly with one another and instill positive feelings of mutual respect, compassion, and self-esteem."

While discussing the initiative and President Trump's own shortcomings on behavior Monday night, CNN contributor and White House correspondent April Ryan argued Mrs. Trump isn't "culturally American."

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"There are a lot of realities that she is dealing with. This is a First Lady who is not culturally American but she is learning the ways," Ryan said.

Mrs. Trump has been an American citizen since 2006. She became a permanent resident in 2001.

H/T: Thanks to the Washington Free Beacon for grabbing the video.