Trump Slams Governor Jerry Brown For Watering Down National Guard Deployment

Posted: Apr 19, 2018 1:30 PM
Trump Slams Governor Jerry Brown For Watering Down National Guard Deployment

President Trump is slamming California Governor Jerry Brown for hampering efforts by the National Guard to bolster border security.

Brown announced he will cooperate with the Trump administration's request for National Guard troops to deploy to the southern border with Mexico, but will limit their responsibilities.

"Consistent with the terms spelled out in Governor Brown’s letter last week, the Governor’s order, issued today, specifies that the California National Guard will not enforce immigration laws or participate in the construction of any new border barrier. The location of Guard personnel – and number specifically working in support of operations within the state, along the coast and at the U.S.-Mexico border – will continue to be dictated by the needs on the ground," Brown's office released in a statement late Wednesday. "Some Guard personnel are expected to deploy before the end of the month and the mission will continue until at least September 30, 2018 – the end of the federal fiscal year."

According to DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielson, National Guard troops were never intended to enforce federal immigration laws, but rather help with fence/wall repairs, administrative work, deterrence and more. 

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From previous reporting

National Guard troops will not perform apprehensions, but instead will offer personnel support, conduct surveillance, repair current border wall/fence and vehicle maintenance. This will allow Border Patrol agents to be deployed to the front line for apprehension roles. Troops will not arrest or detain illegal aliens.

Brown has been locked in a battle with the federal government for months over sanctuary cities and a refusal to work with federal agents to remove violent criminal aliens from the country.