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Another year at the Oscars came and went over the weekend with predictable lectures about gun control from Hollywood's elites. 

During Sunday night's show, which was rated the lowest in televised Oscar history, everyone from host Jimmy Kimmel to actor and rapper Common took shots at American gun owners and the National Rifle Association. The gun confiscation organization Everytown, funded by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, was also in tow providing talking points.

 "Tell the NRA they're in God's way and to the people of Parkland we say asé," Common rapped from the stage. 

But in typical form, these statements were riddled with hypocrisy. The Oscars were well protected by armed guards with semi-automatic rifles, yet the same actors oppose armed guards or trained teachers in schools. Liberal media and gun confiscation proponents incorrectly call these firearms "assault weapons."

Protection for the elites, but for the rest of us, we're on our own.

Over to you, Michelle Malkin: "Can you imagine if every American school were as protected as the Oscars?"

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