New Organization Launching to Support Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

Posted: Jun 22, 2017 11:05 AM

A new organization dedicated to helping families and victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens is set to launch next week in Washington D.C.

Founded by Mary Ann Mendoza and Don Rosenberg, Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime will serve as a resource to victims of all illegal alien crime, including theft, rape, identity theft and assault. Assistance is not limited to families who have lost a loved one at the hands of an illegal alien.

“For too long, our voices were shut out of the immigration dialogue and the stories of ourloved ones were ignored. We’re reaching out to all Americans, letting them know the real impact illegal immigration has on every single American life,” Mendoza said in a statement. 

Mendoza's son Brandon was killed by drunk driver in the United States illegally. Rosenberg's son Drew was murdered in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, by an illegal alien.

“Too many lives are lost and negatively impacted by illegal immigration. Many families have worked alone or in small groups to spread awareness and provide a safe space for victims and families to process the devastating effects of illegal immigrant crime,” Rosenberg said. “AVIAC unites families, honors victims, and lets all victims of illegal alien crime know they are not alone.“

The mission statement of AVIAC is the following: 

As parents and family of loved ones killed or negatively impacted by illegal alien crime, our goal is to promote American’s safeness and security in legislation and public policy.

AVIAC seeks to educate the public on the statistics and impact that illegal immigration has on American lives, our country’s safety and the financial burden it is costing each and every American. We will work with politicians to ensure our current Immigration laws are enforced, and any new legislation will have the consideration of our first hand testimony to ensure the American public will be protected.

AVIAC will officially launch Tuesday, June 27 at the National Press Club.